What are the Latest Technologies in the Computer Field?

Acceleration in technological developments are taking place, but it has not yet the state of full maturity.

A new trend called surface computing had a launch in 2015. It showed how the computer user does not need to use mice or keyboards at all. Everything was going to become hands on only.

We have seen where the screen would give an image of water, and you can play with the water without getting wet. Puzzle pieces can be put together where all the pictures are moving individually from each other. The surfaces are becoming smart. Coffee tables and walls can are transformed into a computer that can be touch sensitive.

Are you paying for a restaurant? No problem, just lay your credit card on the surface, touch a few images, and you pay the bill automatically. Where will this wonderful age of technology take us next?

There seem to be many predictions and many technology trends already revolutionizing the world.
Assisted reality and virtual reality in gaming and other devices are growing tremendously. This trend will use boundaries with 3D predictions and movement detection.

Most of us are already aware of the digital assistant craze. Alexa had a launch in 2017 which gives your home automation. Although we have been trained with this gadget not to rely on our fingers, a “touchless” interface is the new tech wonder. Now things are voice activated, and this changes our interaction with devices considerably. Imagine holding up and item and asking Alexa to order it for you, knowing the technology understands what you are looking at or holding. In this new era of technological advances, this is now possible.

Battery life in most of the modern laptops will have a battery life of 20-25 hours, and a performance achievement likened to Intel processors. The Snapdragon 845 processor looks more and more attractive to its consumers. The laptops with these processors sport a 30 percentage on graphics performance boost and percentage wise more than 25 times more powerful than usual.

New internet appliances, smart vehicles equipped with greater computing devices and voice recognition for your GPS is becoming more of a reality.

Exciting changes to keyboards have taken place. Lenovo changed the hard keyboard to a virtual keyboard on a touch input panel where Apple added the Touch Bar.

We see many significant advances in Computer technology. Some predictions still need to emerge soon. Being able to purchase Google glasses and transparent phones would be amazing. New advances are being made with leap motion and in the world of 3D printing. We are looking forward to seeing flying cars and much more surprises. We are putting our future in the hands of technology.